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Northwest D.R.E.A.M. Team
Draft Riders Enthusiastically Accomplishing Maneuvers

Drill team practice started in February 2010 with 11 horses and riders. Some horses had been ridden extensively and some horses were broke to ride, but very green to the experience of working under saddle. The biggest challenge for the horses was to stand and work in close proximity to one another. On this day, we celebrated our accomplishment of standing close enough together to be able to touch hands. And so the Whatcom County draft horse drill team experience began. The best part of the experience was the bond that was created with thirty plus 2-3 hour practices over 5-1/2 months during rain, snow, wind, or shine. The commitment of each team member was incredible.



Western Regional Halter Morning - 2 hours of interrupted sleep, 14 horses to prepare, a great crew!

Western Regional Heavy Team Class in August

Western Regional Riding Demonstration in August
Joani riding Jilliana (3 year old)


Packing up to head to the next show


Gunnar (Ed's baby) in June


Alyssa and Hercules in July


Ed and his two furry friends in December


The girls at work spreading manure in the pastures in April


Our Lead Team (U.R. Arrow and son - Apollo) at the P.N.E. in August

Ed and Raymond waiting to enter the Driving Competition at the P.N.E. in August

Amy and Yvette leaving a Ladies Cart class at the P.N.E. in August


Ed with Monica driving the wheel team in the Heavy Draft Team class
at the Northwest Washington Fair in August

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